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Root Don Lonie For Cash

Small but quickly expanding cassette, cd-r and lathe-cut 7″ label run by Clayton Noone (aka CJA) and utilized by a fair few nation-wide artists since the mid 90s. Over the course of just a decade the label has accumulated a huge back catelogue of New Zealand underground releases.

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  • Yeah of the root cd-r [rdl039]
  • Cia blowup cassette [rdl051]
  • Telly cassette [rdl052]
  • Looking for love/dunedin night life cassette [rdl064]
  • Animals double cd-r [rdl100]
  • Tahi 3″ cd-r [2003 rdl100a]
  • Rua 3″ cd-r [2003 rdl100b]
  • Toru 3″ cd-r [2004 rdl100c]

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Perhaps the most prolific artist new zealand has ever produced, Michael Veet Ruiliude has produced as Witcyst, or as an number of his other mysterious alias, Veetjist, M. W. Vit, Wytcystallio, Mxvxwx, Thighte Whistle, or a handful of groups – Falcoxi, Failian Falien, Naughty Pakehas, G.A.M etc etc the list goes on.

On his own Extemporanious and Lifespace labels there are over 600 documented Ruiliude recordings, and this number is growing daily, as he tends to release pretty much everything he records.

Purely a mail-order marvel, a witcyst package contains a bizarre array of musical snippets in any grab-bag stylistic approaches, and acompanied by various pieces of visual artwork. With all this activity, Ruiliude has also found time to collaborate with and contribute material with Clayton Noone and his Root Don Lonie For Cash label, whilst still maintaining a release schedule on his own labels of mammoth proportion.

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The Strange Girls

Cja, Sugar Jon, Motty “Kat” Smokehouse, Kraus.

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the prolific output of clayton noone – dunedin-based solo musician and member of future-punkers the futurians. noone also runs the root don lonie for cash record label.
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Celia Mancini‘s post King Loser band, consisting of herself on vocals and guitar and various other contributors such as Clayton Noone, Cameron Bain (formerly of Constant Pain) and many others, as the band had trouble keeping line-ups.

More heavy metal (in the Deep Purple or Black Sabbath sense) than King Loser, the band disintegrated with Mancini’s decline (she has struggled with drug and alcohol issues).

According to Noone though, Mancini was in positive spirits in late 2001 – having a great night reuniting with Chris Heazlewood for an impromptu King Loser performance.

Noone’s label Root Don Lonie For Cash released the Mother Trucker debut, which he has described as being bloody good.


  • Celia Patel (Vocals / Guitar)
  • Clayton Noone (Bass)
  • Cameron Bain (Guitar)




Naked Sailors

One Of Clayton Noone’s (Cja) Many Low-Key Projects.

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