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Claire’s Un Natural Twin


A nasty piece of twisted work from former Palmerston North dwellers Claire Pannell and Dave White. Claires tortured vocals spit forth tales of molestation trauma and a world of personal turmoil.

Noise by way of distortion/feedback guitar work and a barrage of chaotic percussive noise. A violent collision of the classic industrial attitude and an anarchic sound and vocal punishment

– Club Bizarre

Pannell – otherwise known as Furchick, is an Australian ex-pat of New Zealand who has also been in groups Froit Head and Air Traffic Controllers, whilst Clark is a veteran of many groups synonymous with Palmerston North such as Thin Red Line, The Clear, Lung and Baldman.


  • Dave White (Guitar/Vocals/Piano/Tape, 1995 – 1996)
  • Claire Pannell (Vocals/Drums/Percussion, 1995 – 1996)


  • C.U.N.T. 7″ EP (1995, Yellow Bike Records, YB14)
  • 12 INCH CUNT (1995, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE016)
  • K-Tel Cunt EP (1995 w/ The K-Tel Dancers, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE019]
  • Whats The Colour Of Blood EP (1995, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE022)
  • Pair of Scissors 7″ Lathe Cut Single (1996, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE025)
  • Crack Pot (1996, Yellow Bike Records, BIKE031)



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Feast of Stevens


Their sound was definitely New Zealand – melodic and human, but their tight playing and dynamic punch set them in their own space, related to but different from other NZ guitar bands. The Feasties began performing in December 1989 and hailed from Palmerston North. They made several low-key jaunts around the country including an Orientation tour to the South Island.

They released their own independently distributed 7 song cassette in November 1990 and contributed 2 songs to the Yellow Bike Records ‘Dynamite Groove’ CD compilation of Palmerston North bands in 1991. The band consisted of two guitarists / vocalists in Andrew Coy and Hamish Anderson, with Glen Fletcher on drums and John Trimble on bass.

In March of 1992 they met up with Rob Mayes of Failsafe Records and successfully applied for an Arts Council Grant which with renewed enthusiasm lead to the ‘Etch’ EP.

The band performed a release party in their home town of Palmerston North with fellow label mates Throw performing as a 2 piece for the event.

The concert did not go without problems when on the morning of the event drummer Fletcher went missing and could not be found. Fletcher had checked himself into a psychiatric hospital, and the band had to retrieve him narrowly making the band’s show.

Further recordings were done in January 1993 at Auckland’s York Street Studios with Nick Roughan (Bailter Space, Skeptics, David Kilgour, Writhe Studios). Nine tracks were completed of which three have been released on 7″ single. Soon after the recordings Hamish Anderson made a departure from the band leaving the band a three piece.

– Rob Mayes on Failsafe Records

The band would go on to record the debut release (a 7″ single) for the excellent Crawlspace label.


  • Andrew Coy (Guitar/Vocals, 1990 – 1993)
  • Hamish Anderson (Guitar/Vocals, 1990 – 1993)
  • Glenn Fletcher (Drums, 1990 – 1993)
  • Andrew Leslie (Bass/Guitar/Vocals, 1990 – 1992)
  • Jon Trimble (Bass, 1992 – 1993)


  • Etch EP (1992, Failsafe Records, SAFE021CD)
  • Amsterdam 7″ Single (1993, Crawlspace, SPACE001)


Feast of Stevens on Failsafe Records website