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Swagger Jack

‘Swagger Jack’ is something else entirely. Jacks my hillbilly-punk songwriting character (a hard-drinking embittered feral/hippy idealist who records occasionally ‘rattly’ and violent, but often ‘pretty’ (in a melancholy way) acoustic numbers on battery powered 4-trks in doc huts and hardly ever goes to town).

He’s meant to be someone other than me (..!), a way to sing poppy folksongs without getting too hung up on ‘the word’ (see post-structuralist crisis…) but seems to be morphing more and more into antony milton these days though which is something of a disturbing trend!
Antony Milton; taken from the [now sadly defunt] website

Earlier (mid 90s) lo-fi recordings from Antony Milton, all released on his own Wire Bridge label as cassettes. It looks like Milton still has these recordings available directly from his Pseudoarcana / Wire Bridge Website as he’s been converting these releases to CD-r.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Free Today, And Tomorrow Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb010]

  • Live At The Space Cassette [W/ Demarnia Lloyd / The Mr. Sterile Ensemble Wire Bridge Wrb011]

  • Gorse Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb012]

  • Flaying Begets Shelter Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb013]

  • My Good Guts Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb013]


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Antony Milton

Wellington based founder of the Psuedoarcana label, who also performs by the initials A.M., as well as Nether Dawn and Street, and has releases on Clayton Noone’s Root Don Lonie For Cash Peter Wrights’ Apoplexy label.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Wire Bridge Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb001]

  • Sketches Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb002]

  • Ash Feathers, And Radios Bark Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb003]

  • Tinfoil Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb004]

  • Place Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb005]

  • Sirens Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb006]

  • Queenslandbrisbane Cassette And Book [Wire BridgeWrb007]

  • And Where The Coloured Planes Are Rafts Cassette And Book [Wire BridgeWrb008]

  • Fleeting Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb009]

  • Near/Far Cd-R [2001 Celebrate Psi Phenomenon]

  • Big Rooms, Small Rooms Double Cd-R [2002 Root Don Lonie For CashRdl084]

  • Fracture Floor Cd-R [W/ Snakes Beings 2003 Maggotism International]

  • Yet Marvelous Stasis Cd-R [2003 Haamumaa]

  • Sirens [2005 Compilation / Reissue Of Previous ‘Sirens’ Cassettes Pseudoarcana]

  • The End Of This Short Road [2007 Deserted Village]