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Mr. Pudding

One Half Of Pop Experimental Weirdo’S Wendyhouse, Bryce ‘Mr. Pudding’ Galloway Released His Solo Debut In 2001 With The Wonderfully Lo-Fi Instant Pudding. By 2004 Mr. Pudding Had Taken To The Streets With A Live Band, Performing As Mr. Pudding… Read More »Mr. Pudding


Daniel ‘EE Monk’ Powell (Guitars and Vocals) and Bryce ‘Mr. Pudding‘ Galloway (Beats, Toys and Vocals), with sometimes contributions from Graham Agnew. Quirky and prolific out with a swagger of independently produced and released albums. Their latest release Pan) features… Read More »Wendyhouse

Mongolian BBQ

Hamilton Based Duo Of Martin Webclaw (Ceremonously Credited As Playing Remote Viewing Devices, Casiotones, Roland Compu-Rythmn, Vocals, 202 Sequencer, Omni-Gibon) And ‘Snake Beings’ (Wasp Synth, Electric Kettle-Fish, Vocals, Psychic Monkey, Dictorphone Tapes, Cassette 4 Track, Transmission Device). Somewhere In The… Read More »Mongolian BBQ