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Wazzo Ghoti


Wellington 1980’s Hair Metal group, played alongside the likes of Strikemaster and Knightshade (on the 3 band metal compilation ‘3 points of Metal’. Formed after the dissolution of popular group Rose Bayonet.

Skank Attack

Wellington 3-piece from the mid 1980’s. Skirted the line between underground and pop without ever fitting in to either camp, despite an album produced by Nick Roughan (The Skeptics) and Brent McLachlan (The Gordons).

Wazzo Ghoti

Biography Rex Nairn, Chris Goodall, Mark Roxburgh, Bill Morris, Andrew Downes, Steve Cochrane. Wellington punks (pronounced Wazzo Fish) that are still going, at least in an occasional live capacity as of 2004. Members Rex Nairn Chris Goodall Mark Roxburgh Bill… Read More »Wazzo Ghoti