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The Shrugs

The Shrugs originally got together as the Hamilton trio of Richie Ranum, Neil Ramsey and Geoff Doube in 2000, after several line-up changes (cHris Metcalfe came and went after replacing Ranum, and Ramsey’s replacement Rob Smith eventually gave way to Natalie McKelvey) the line-up finally settled on central figure Geoff Doube (Guitar / Vocals), Gordon Bassett (Bass) and Natalie Mckelvey (Drums).

A simple, no-frills approach to power-pop rock, the trio have recorded a series of low-key releases in quick succession on their own Waysafe inprint and recently signed to Auckland label Powertool Records for A Slight Hitch – their 2nd full-length. They followed this up with the release of 3rd album An Awkward Silence, with new drummer (ex-Trucker) Paul Tregilgas.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Music Cd With Pop Songs Ep [2001 Waysafe]
  • ‘Sorry Ian’/’Marmalade’ Cd Single [2002 Waysafe]
  • ‘I Don’T Know What I’M Doing’/’Spiders Come’ Cd Single [2002 Waysafe]
  • November Ep [2002 Waysafe]
  • Ambivilence At The Bottom Of A Cliff Cd Single [2003 Waysafe]
  • The Doggler Effect [2003 Waysafe]
  • A Slight Hitch [2004 Powertool Records Pt010]
  • The Doggler Effect Reissue [2005 Powertool Records Pt026]
  • An Awkward Silence [2005 Powertool Records Pt042]


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Waikato-based rock band caught somewhere between indie-rock (think Super-chunk) and early New York punk, based around singer-songwriter Jamie Stone. Trucker released the full-length debut Jude and had several bFM singles before calling it a day in 2001.

Along with Stone (Gat Vox), trucker contained (at one time or another) Stan Jagger (Gat), Dolf De Borst (aka Dolf Datsun) Paul Tregilgas (Drums), Terry Edwards (Drums), Paul Oakley (Bass), and Julian Smith (Gat). With Dolf’s success in the Datsuns, Trucker released a post-breakup 10″ EP, taken from their last session in 2001 and released it on the Datsuns’ own Hell Squad label.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Jude [1999?]
  • Wasted In Heave Ep [2004 Hell Squad]