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Tim Coster


Internationally focused Auckland-based experimental / noise label run by Richard Francis (aka Eso Steel) as a sub-label of the now-defunct 20City label he created in the late 1990s.

Though only a total of 27 releases releases have seen the light of day so far (including Japanese experimental artist Kyoshi Mizutani, German visual / composition artist Marc Behrens and Francis’ own solo material), CMR looks to be succeeding the releases of his former label 20City with a professional approach to releasing far-reaching experimental music, so far of the laptop-drone persuasion.


Auckland-based group comprised of experimental underground regulars – Tim Coster (field recordings), Richard Francis (computer), Rosy Parlane (guitar, computer), Mark Sadgrove (feedback, linuxcsound), Clinton Watkins (guitar) and Paul Winstanley (electric bass, digital feedback).

Tim Coster

hailing from auckland… coster is a sound artist and improviser involved in a number of different projects: plains, his record label claudia, and solo practice recording works for cd, sound installation and performance. working primarily with field recordings and various… Read More »Tim Coster