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Tiger Tones

Live: Tiger Tones Album Release Party

Flashback to May 9th, 2008!

I attended an afterwork album release gig in a basement next to NG Gallery (on Madras Street – now part of the Te Kaha Stadium site) with Pinacolada Records presenting the Tiger Tones self-titled album.

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Tiger Tones

Young, exciting and eclectic Christchurch indie-pop group that emerged during 2006 to dominate the local scene alongside popular screamo act Not So Experimental. Led by talented guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Mark Holland, the group have a funky, dancy rhythm section in Ashlin Ross… Read More »Tiger Tones

Shocking Pinks

Formed by Nick ‘Harte’ Hodgson in mid-2003, The Shocking Pinks are one of the most exciting and memorable bands to spring out of Christchurch in the last 5 years. New Zealand’s exponent of the dance-punk revitalisation – The Shocking Pinks… Read More »Shocking Pinks

Not So Experimental

Young and exciting screamo-pop from Christchurch, have their foot in the door with the local all-age scene and with a little exposure (recent low hum tours) could make themselves a popular r18 favorite too. A technically proficient 4-piece featuring the… Read More »Not So Experimental