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The Puffins

'Barnard's Star' EP cover

Barnard’s Star

Excellent Christchurch shoegaze / electronic group with a unique, spacey sound. Released an EP and 2 7″ lathe cut singles on the Beat Atlas imprint in the late 1990’s before going their seperate ways.

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The Sweethearts

Adam McGrath’s early 2000’s attempt at a vocally-driven song-writing group after years of playing in punk and hard core groups – featured a teenage William Daymond; essentially a pre-cursor to the Eastern. Put out an album that went unnoticed.

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The Puffins

these guys were my band. during my formulative years of establishing an avid interest in new zealand music, no band were more important than the startling christchurch band, the puffins. i’d sneak into the dux (at age 15, whilst the… Read More »The Puffins

Lindon Puffin

with the break-up of the puffins (with members overseas, in a number of other bands, or just occupied in other ways), lindon reformed in the early 00’s with a speight of new songs, a calmer, more reflective outlook, and his… Read More »Lindon Puffin