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The Undercurrents

Excellent Christchurch guitar band that evolved from earlier group The Centre Will Hold. From that group Jamey Holloway (Guitar / vocals), and Nathan Bycroft (Drums) were joined by Nik O’Keefe (Bass, Vocals) and Marcus Winstanley (Guitar) to form the original line-up in mid 2003. This original line-up played in a low-key manner, with just Winstanley’s guitar adding an extra layer of Shoegaze type guitar into the mix (as he had done with previous band Barnard’s Star).

Eventually Bycroft left and after a short stint by Stephen McCarthy (Pine) the ever-versatile Simon Nunn (also of the Steffan Van Soest Hit Machine, Hi-Tone Destroyers etc) filled the drummers seat more permanently, and beefed up their sound quite a lot. Michael Summerfield (Palace of Wisdom, Cowboy Machine) joined on viola, adding a level of country/folk inflection to their sound. The group managed to win the 2004 RDU Round Up band competition, released an EP with the help of Michael Brassell (aka Michael J Hex) / Arc Life Records and set up All Plastics – a small recording studio.

Simon Nunn eventually found himself committed to his regular gigs as a professional musician, so young drummer Matt Scobie (Black Market Art, T54) was brought in to replace him, and long-time bassist Nick O’Keefe also left, replaced by Vaughan Watson (Pumpkinhead, Squirm). The group has continued a low-key existence, with only a handful of shows a year and recordings few and far between.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Undercurrents (Blue Stripes) EP [2004 Arc Life]
  • Undercurrents (Big Ears) EP [2005 All Plastics]
  • Undercurrents EP (Black Birds) [November 2006 All Plastics]
  • Heavy Sky [July 2010 All Plastics]


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The Centre Will Hold


Melodic mid 90’s (1996-8) Christchurch popsters (Nathan Bycroft, Jamey Holloway and Tom Mountfort).

Released 3 songs to student radio only – ‘Splint’, ‘At the Centre’ and ‘We Go Down’, and then a 5 track, 6 minute EP called the ‘A Flat Pop Songs’ (‘A Flat Pop Songs One’, ‘..Two’ ‘..Three’ and ‘..Four’ and ‘The Key’) which we made in Nathan’s lounge on the little four track and Mike Brassel (aka Mike Hex) sent it out on Noseflute for us.
– The Centre Will Hold
Halloway and Bycroft would later form the long-running Christchurch group The Undercurrents.


  • Nathan Bycroft
  • Jamey Holloway
  • Tom Mountfort


  • The A Flat Pop Songs EP (1998?, Noseflute)