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The Black Seeds

The Side Effects

Mysterious surf-guitar out of the Whanganui-Manawatu region on the famed Stink Magnetic label and featuring label regulars Dylan Herkes and Boss Christ.

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The Chandeliers

3-piece guitar-less surf trio out of Wellington with members using the aliases Capt Hammondhead (Nigel Patterson – screaming vintage organ), Segue Lugosi (Dylan Herkes – over-driven bass guitar), and Trevlac (rock-steady surf drums).

#nzmusic #surfmusic #thechandeliers #stinkmagnetic

The Black Seeds

Biography Wellington funky reggae/dub outfit. Released the brilliant single ‘Keep On Pushing‘ in 2001, followed it with a solid debut of the same name, then a remix album that stretched their sound into dub and electronic directions. Great live band,… Read More »The Black Seeds