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Solo Bravo – Action On Highways EP

Self-Released [2002]

Chirpy 3-minute pop melodies aplenty with Solo Bravo‘s debut ep ‘Action On The Highways’. Twin vocalists and the inclusion of trombone and organ make for a delightful mix of the whimsical (‘Mellow Life’, ‘In love With A Stranger’) and downright groovy (‘Data Entry Operator #23’). The 2 contrasting vocal styles add a level of diversity to the EP, some tracks lean towards a quirky Super Furry Animals sound, whilst others have a more honest, mature sound.

The instrumentation’s great, slick organ, groovy bass, effective horn and polished guitar – often with 60s styled inflection. a thoroughly enjoyable ep – expect big things from these guys, ‘Data Entry Operator #23’ could make a brilliant pop single.

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Solo Bravo

Chirpy pop-rock outfit with horns and organ!, sounds like a winning combination, and it was during 2002 with a serious of upbeat and impressive gigs, and a lovely debut EP. Unfortunately though, the line-up took a bit of a hit in late 2002, memebers out with illness, their producer and second horn player left for Europe. The reduced line-up haven’t exactly impressed, despite lead singer Tim’s valiant attempts at holding things together, and their (talented) drummer has been playing in various other bands, too. Hopefully they’ll get back to shape in 2005.

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