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Sola Monday


Vibraslaps were an all female post-punky outfit best known for an EP put out on Flying Nun Records in 1985, and for (briefly) being at the forefront of New Zealand’s lesbian feminist music scene during the turbulent mid 1980s.

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Arclife Records

Arclife Records was an excellent ‘home-grown’ independent label formed by the Arclife Trust, an arts organization that formed out of the Arc Cafe in central Dunedin.

The label had a strong, tight-knit community of local Dunedin groups on its roster – many of whom had moved on from the by-then Auckland based Flying Nun Records.

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Sola Monday

The alias of Ingrid Ekdahl, a New Zealand born woman of diverse ancestry (Swedish, Danish, English, Scottish and Maori lineage) who creates folky, culturally spiked music with the help of multitudes of accompaning musicians. her debut release The Swing Festival… Read More »Sola Monday