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Originally an inane Auckland-based pop-rock 3-piece formed by ex-Christchurch lads Paul Reid (vocals / guitar / drums – previously of both the D4 and Loves Ugly Children‘s last drummer) and Gene Bennet (drums), with Aucklander Jon Corker (bass). Reid was also known as a character on Shortland Street – New Zealand’s longest running soap-opera tv series.

After spending a great chunk of Wildside‘s ever-depleting cash for the release of 2002’s under-selling Primary Colours, in mid 2004 Bennet and Corker left the group to pursue their own interests. Reid took the opportunity to permanently relocate to Los Angeles (where the band had been attempting to make a break) and he has since formed plans for a new session-musician based version of Rubicon. Generally pandering crap to be avoided at all costs.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘The Captain’ Cd Single [2000 Wildside]

  • ‘Funny Boy’ Cd Single [2001 Wildside]

  • ‘Bruce’ Cd Single [2001 Wildside]

  • Primary [2002 Wildside]

  • ‘Rockstar (Yeah Yeah)’ Cd Single [2002 Wildside]

  • ‘Drive’ Cd Single [2004 Wildside]

  • ‘Remember’ Cd Single [2005 Wildside]

  • The Way It Was Meant To Be [2005 Wildside]