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Root Don Lonie For Cash

Root Don Lonie For Cash

Prolific cassette, CDr and lathe-cut label run by Clayton Noone (aka CJA) and utilised by a fair few New Zealand (and some overseas) artists since the mid 1990s. Their first few years of releases had distinctive spray-painted covers. The original Don Lonie was billed as ‘America’s No. 1 high-school assembly speaker’, who recorded several albums for popular Christian record labels in the early 1960s.

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The Ho’ Dogs

Extremely wild Dunedin old-school rock’n’roll from a handful of underground experimental or lo-fi musicians. I managed to catch them once at the Provincial Lounge in Christchurch and was blown away by their stage antics; which included jumping on the Prov’s bar, kicking over drinks.

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The Strange Girls

Fantastic folky lo-fi group from Dunedin from the super-prolific Clayton Noone and ex-Ho’ Dogs guitarist Kaaterama Morehu – who sadly passed away in 2020.

“At their best, The Strange Girls made ruminative, repetitive and atmospheric bummer folk”

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Naked Sailors

A mid-1990s side-project of super-prolific Armpit / Futurians lof-fi / experimental / noise musician Clayton Noon, presumably with his Armpit bandmate Jon Arcus (aka Sugar Jon).


Perhaps the most prolific artist new zealand has ever produced, Michael Veet Ruiliude has produced as Witcyst, or as an number of his other mysterious alias, Veetjist, M. W. Vit, Wytcystallio, Mxvxwx, Thighte Whistle, or a handful of groups –… Read More »Witcyst


Discography metal disco cd-r [root don lonie for cash rdl087] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Biography Hugely prolific duo CJA (aka Clayton Noone) and Sugar Jon, who have released a never-ending stack of albums for the likes of Root Don Lonie For Cash, PseduoArcana, Own Recordings, Freedom From… Members Clayton Noone (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals/Drums/Tapes, 1993? -) Sugar Jon (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals/Drums/Clarinette,… Read More »Armpit


Biography Put out two releases on underground label Root Don Lonie For Cash. Potentially something to do with The Futurians… Or Campbell Kneale? Members Discography Tram To The Rise CDr (Root Don Lonie For Cash, RDL080) Dog Lathe 7″ (Root Don… Read More »B.C.


Discography For Dean Martin Cassette [Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl018] Split Lathe Cut 7″ Plus ‘Bite Me Fag Boy’ Zine [W/ Chunky Pizzle Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl020] Lathe Cut 7″ [Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl021] Revolver Lathe-Cut… Read More »Revolver


Biography Celia Mancini‘s post King Loser band, consisting of herself on vocals and guitar and various other contributors such as Clayton Noone, Cameron Bain (formerly of Constant Pain) and many others, as the band had trouble keeping line-ups. More heavy metal… Read More »Mothertrucker

Antony Milton

Wellington based founder of the Psuedoarcana label, who also performs by the initials A.M., as well as Nether Dawn and Street, and has releases on Clayton Noone’s Root Don Lonie For Cash Peter Wrights’ Apoplexy label. Discography Wire Bridge Cassette… Read More »Antony Milton


Discography Recycler e.p. 3″ cd-r [w/ CJA Root Don Lonie For Cash rdl104] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Biography Discography Willis Lathe Cut [2000 A Stabbies And The Rocket Recording] Volume 1 Double Cd-R Reissue [Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl091] Volume 2 Double Cd-R Reissue [Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl092] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on… Read More »Willis

Duncan Bruce

Biography What makes this album great is the aforementioned brevity of the pieces. Duncan spans all shapes of the volume curve, sliding through landscapes of barren glacial shifts, torn loudspeaker edits and ye olde drone, and letting the feedback go… Read More »Duncan Bruce