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Borderline Ballroom: C Spencer Yeh, David Khan, Rainbow Beast

C Spencer Yeh at Darkroom
C Spencer Yeh at Darkroom

Launching the debut of new Christchurch music venue (and top-notch bar, stocking only local beers, wines, liquors and home-made food) Darkroom was a great dose of acerbic synthesized noise – from the controls of Rainbow Beast. The place was packed, and not with the usual Borderline Ballroom audience, a few of whom didn’t really seem to get what was going on.

Dave Khan played a more tranquil set, utilizing his sampling keyboard to flesh out layers of sound. Dave’s set was a very calming, melodic performance; a shame a few patrons didn’t seem to appreciate it…

C Spencer Yeh took two different approaches – firstly a frantic performance on violin, producing often atonal, but frantic sounds. He then followed this with one of the more unusual human beatbox performances i’ve seen; with 2 microphones in hand he bounced sounds around this lovely, but crowded space.

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