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Clay Man In The Well


New solo project from Antony Milton on Pseudoarcana CDr label off-shoot The Seedy R.

Clattery ecstatic backyard songs and drones from Antony Milton recorded in afternoons and evenings to Walkman and 4 track over a week in the late summer of 2004.

– The Seedy R


  • Antony Milton


  • Steps Towards Dusk CDr (2005, The Seedy R)



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underground experimental label run by antony milton and featuring an ever-growing array of new zealand and international artists in (mostly) cd-r and 3″ cd-r form. a lowtides rising was compiled as a compilation of new zealand acoustic music – though the pseudoarcana approach is a little more abstract than that description would imply.
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  • street=x2 [PA008]
  • a lowtides rising [2003? PA020]

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  • pseudoarcana website [official website]
  • antony milton [label-head / email contact]
  • antony milton rn
  • 6 mckinley crescent rn
  • brooklyn rn
  • wellington rn
  • new zealand [postal address]
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Keiran Monaghan

Kieran Monaghan Is One Of The Key Figures In The Wellingtons – If Not NZ’S – ‘Adventurous Music’ Scene. A Driving Force Behind NZ Punk During The 90s, He Currently Plays Cabaret ‘Chamber-Punk’ As Mr Sterile, Drums For Sunship And Various ‘Improv’ Ensembles, Edits The Local Indymedia Zine, And Writes Voluminous Quantities Of Witty And Politically Astute Poetry
– Taken From The Pseudoarcana Catalogue

Monaghan Has Also Made His Name Organising The Comically-Titled Meatwaters Festival (A Play On The Ill-Fated Mainstream / Hippy Sweetwaters Festival) And As A Guest Member Of Campbell Kneales’ Superb Birchville Cat Motel.

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Nether Dawn

Yet Another Antony Milton Project! Guitar-Noise/Drift/Drone. Nz Free Noise Turns All Psychedelic And Transcendental. Everything Is Beautiful And Broken. If This Was The Foundation Of Western Music, Vhf Records Would Be Top 40 And Mathew Bower Would Be Our President.
Last Visible Dog

My Late Night Electric Guitar Drone ‘Blues’ Project. When I Record This Project I Generally Hand A Mic Out Of A Window Sometime Around Midnight (Usually On Rainy Nights), And Improvise Along With The Incidental Sounds, Building Up Layers (With More Guitars, Organs, Violin) Until I Have A ‘Finished’ Piece. Its Kind Of ‘Gestural’ And Lush (Lots Of Reverb…)
Antony Milton []

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