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Back in the early 00s, Scribe was a Christchurch lad, struggling to make his name on the local hip-hop scene. Tied to student radio station RDU and their various hip-hop shows and events along with buddy and Christchurch turntablism long-stayer Ali. When Ali formed the annual hip-hop summit out of Aranui and New Brighton, Scribe (along with the likes of Verse 2 and Shee-Lah-Roc) stood out as pivotal figures in the local, quickly expanding scene.

With the relocation of the hip-hop scene to Auckland in 2001, Ali and Scribe developed stronger ties with North Island crews – and over the course of the next few months tracks (‘Scribe 2001’, ‘Synchronise Thoughts’) starter appearing from rising DJ (and then C4 music-tv presenter) P-Money featuring Scribe. Pretty soon Scribe had his own record deal with Dirty records – a spin-off from Universal music specifically aimed to capture the exploding New Zealand hip-hop scene.

Over the course of later 2003 and in to 2004, Scribe became the biggest hip-hop act in New Zealand history, with a series of top-selling singles, punctuated by Not Many, an infectious vocal-remix of a track originally intended as just an intro that started a bit of a phenomenom, with the phrase ‘Not Many / If Any’ probably going down as the most memorable lyric of the past decade in New Zealand music. Scribes platinum-selling ascension was still rising in later 2004 with a successful venture to Australia, and an APRA song-writer of the year (collaboratively with P-Money) for ‘Not Many’.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • The Crusader [2003 Dirty 337432]
  • ‘Stand Up’ Cd Single [2003 Dirty]
  • ‘Not Many (The Remix)’ 12″ [2003 Dirty]

Awards Etc
APRA Awards 2004

  • Silver Scroll: Scribe And P-Money – ‘Not Many’


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ultra-successful auckland-based turntablist and producer who in-essence got the ball rolling on the explosion of new zealand hip-hop in the early 2000s. working with the likes of man-of-the-hour, christchurch native scribe and the auckland deceptikonz posse, p-money has forged an industry with his own abstract beats and eclectic production styles, with the big things and its instrumental version both garnishing big sales in the burgeoning kiwi mainstream hip-hop crowd.
p-money (peter wadams) initially made his name competing in the new zealand and then world itf and dmc turntablism champs, placing 5th in the world itf’s in 1999 and 3rd-equal in the dmcs of 2001. he’s since become a tv icon, appearing with on the various incarnations of new zealand music tv, and djing on bfm’s ‘the true school’.
picks in bold

  • p-money mix-tape 1 cassette[self-released]
  • p-money mix-tape 2 cassette[self-released]
  • circa footwear mix-tape cassette[self-released]
  • big punisher mix-tape cassette[self-released]
  • summit 2000 mix-tape cassette[self-released]
  • big things [2002 kog transmissions]
  • big things instrumentals [2002 dirty 99592]
  • big things 12″ ep [2003 dirty DRT12001]
  • magic city [2004 dirty]

awards etc
apra awards 2004

  • silver scroll scribe and p-money: ‘not many’rn