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Mint Chicks

Live: Opossom and T54

Flashback to Opossom playing the Darkroom Bar on June 30th, 2012 with support from local legends T54.

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With the Mint Chicks breaking up in 2010 and Ruban Nielson going on to find success with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, former Mint Chicks vocalist Kody Nielson started recording new material as Opossom. The material seems to follow a fairly tight neo-psych-pop template popularized by the likes of Tame Impala and UMD, bouncy and catchy without setting the world on fire.

Shaky Hands

Exciting post-punk type group (ala the Mint Chicks) that formed out of the indie-rock leaning Nova Echo with former guitarist Nick Johnson taking over the reigns as vocalist from the departing Jason Schoushkoff. An exciting frontman known for his dramatic… Read More »Shaky Hands