r artists

The Remarkables

Chris Heaphy, Paul Westbury, Alan Gregg, Brendan Conlon, Dean Gunson And Zane Greig. Glimmery guitar pop, though not quite in the same league of shimmering textural guitar as Heaphy’s later bands such as Dissolve.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Waiting For A Wave Ep [1985 Meltdown Melt002]


w artists

The Warners


Jon Baker, Deby Turner, John Micham, Chris Koole, Allen Stephenson, Mike Howie, Mike Mcdonald. Fairly popular outfit who started out with a couple of EPs (including their signature release Satellite Surfing) and an album in the late 80s, before resurfacing again in the mid 90s.


  • Jon Baker
  • Deby Turner
  • John Micham
  • Chris Koole
  • Allen Stephenson
  • Mike Howie
  • Mike Mcdonald


  • Elsie’s Got A Gun EP [1986 Meltdown]
  • Hit and Run [1988 Onslaught / Ima Hitt Cnt005]
  • Satellite Surfing 12″ EP [1989 Raw Power / Flying Nun Fn141]
  • Sitting Pretty Compilation [1994 Wildside D31142]
  • Crazy Horses Cd EP [1995 Wildside]
  • Bogan’s Heroes [1995 Wildside D31363]


t artists

Three Leaning Men

Nigel Corbett, Alan and Lindsay Gregg, Greg Malcolm and Rhys Bevan.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Fun In The Key Of E [1987 Meltdown Melt006]
  • Industrial Sunset [1987 Meltdown Melt007]