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Spotty Dog

The first of a trio of labels (along with Secret Safari and the more recent Headshy) that have been releasing material by underground Palmertson North artists (usually of a rock nature) since 1994. Initially releasing a series of compilation tapes (the Hard Of Hearing series), albums by Meat Market and even written material by local author Andrea Herrick – the label has since become sporadic in nature with only occasional releases.

With the label-heads spreading across the globe as the 1990s wore on, Paul Hirst continues the label as part of his Teledu records mail-order records website, though it seems no new material has been released since the late 1990s.

Compilation Discography
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  • Hard Of Hearing No. 1 [1994 01spots]
  • Hard Of Hearing No. 2 [1994 03spots]
  • Hard Of Hearing No. 3 [1995 09spots]


  • Spotty Dog

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  • Spotty Dog Email [Label Email]
  • +61 3 9387 2668 [Phone Number]
  • Headshy
  • Po Box 2028
  • Brunswick East
  • Vic 3057
  • Australia [Postal Address]
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    Universal Joint

    Formed out of the ashes of defunct noise-trio Meat Market, Universal Joint is the multi-instrumentalist duo of Sarah Bingle and Elise Bishop. A Palmerston North based duo with firm community development ideals (establishing the nOise Workshop music-making workshops in the late 1990s) that have released a couple short-run lathe releases (so far) the 2nd on the now-Melbourne based Headshy label (run by Teledu Records Paul Hirst).

    Discography (picks in bold)

    • Universal Joint 7″ EP [Self-Released]
    • ‘Social Grind’/’Double Edged Knife’/’Muchroom’/’Slightly Overcast’ 8″ Lathe-Cut EP [Headshy Hs008]


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    Meat Market

    helen, elise and sarah.
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