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Blond Comedy


Evolving out of The New Entrants in the early 80’s, Blond Comedy were Andrew and Tony Johns, David Mauger (Marginal Era) and Craig Smith-Pilling.


  • Andrew Johns (Drums, 1982 – 1983)
  • Tony Johns (Vocals/Saxophone, 1982 – 1983)
  • David Mauger (Bass, 1982 – 1983)
  • Craig Smith-Pilling (Guitar, 1982 – 1983)


  • Generation Day EP (1982, Mushroom, BLOND1)
  • Rebecca 7″ (1983, Mushroom, K8969)


m artists

Marginal Era

power-pop act from the early 80s featuring paul agar (guitar / vocals), david mauger (bass – later of blond comedy), dave larsen (drums) and phil mcdonald filling in the electro side of things on synths. after falling to make much of an impact in new zealand outside of club success, paul agar relocated to australia and started the band afresh with a new line-up, and after a single release the band split up, with australian drummer vincent leigh joining pseudo echo.
picks in bold

  • you fascinate me [1984 reaction]