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Lovely Midget


Biography Dark Xpressway post-punk outfit featuring Rachel Shearer (Lovely Midget), Michael Morley (The Dead C, Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos), Stella Corkery and Deborah Hinden. Pretty much in the same vein (and influenced by) other port-chalmers based bands of… Read More »Angelhead

Queen Meanie Puss

Biography Punky all-girl outfit from the early 90’s who evolved out of the similar Angelhead, and put out a couple of quirky EPs before fragmenting. Rachel Shearer now releases material as Lovely Midget. Members Debbie Hinden (Bass/Vocals, 1991 – 1992)… Read More »Queen Meanie Puss

Lovely Midget

rachel shearer (formerly of angelhead and queen meanie puss) started recording as lovely midget as of 1995 with a self-titled 10″ release. an unusual album featuring heavy noise quota (vocals, organ and guitar kind of float in and out of… Read More »Lovely Midget

White Saucer

Improv-heavy duo Stella Corkery (Sweetcakes, Queen Meanie Puss) and Alan Holt making a variety of different noises in all sorts of directions. Featuring Corkery’s drumming, plus guitar and electronics, many of the duo’s releases so far have been odes (so… Read More »White Saucer


Biography One-off 3-song 7″ on Flying Nun Records from King Losers’ Sean O’Reilly and the mysterious DD Mack (aka the artist Saskia Leek). Members Discography Links