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Leonard Nimoy

the band that came to represent the krkrkrk label in the mid 90s, leonard nimoy were a high profile christchurch experimental, but essentially rock outfit comprised of label founder david khan, apoplexy founder and major krkrkrk contributor peter wright, tracey pagey and mikel goodwin. as a successor to tma-1, leonard nimoy were confrontational and aggressive, a cult band from the kind of city (what could be more middle-class and conservatively white than christchurch?) where such bands thrive – though their home-recorded productions we’re never exactly big sellers.
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  • the screaming cage cassette / cd-r [1997 krkrkrk KRK078]
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Another in the long line of Dave Khan’s many bands, Mig-21 are his current 4-piece featuring Mikel Goodwin, Ed Wilson and J-Mz Robinson – all of whom have featured in previous KRKRKRK projects, such as Leonard Nimoy and Bocctahne.

Very much a pop-rock project with some industrial noise and avant-rock underpinnings, Mig-21 combine smooth, melodic bass playing & electronic rythms (utilising custom-made sampled sounds) with harsh, biting, free-form guitar work & multi-layered vocals riding upon a wave of distortion and delay.
Although not as deadly serious as some earlier KRKRKRK projects, there are punk-rock, political overtones in the group’s music – suitably corrupted by a generation x nihilism and disenchantment.
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