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Hit Your Head Music

Angel Hammer

Biography Mysterious pseudo-metal outfit on Hawkes Bay based Hit Your Head Music. Their details and album names all seem to be written / described in rune-style letters – not exactly documentation friendly. The Hammer has crafted a live set which… Read More »Angel Hammer

Amy Racecar

Biography Matt Emery (Vocals and Keyboards) formed pop-via-hardcore group Amy Racecar in Napier in 2001 with Mike Crook, Gary Venn and Rebecca Truimvist. Subsequently he moved to Hamilton and the group went through an array of line-up changes, bring out… Read More »Amy Racecar

Body Corporate

Biography Auckland based spazzmo-eclectic noise-drone-pop-rock outfit formed around Stephen Horsley, Mark Stewart, ex-Marineville bassist Will Waters and Paul Phillips (drums). The group are tied to Hawkes Bay-based Hit Your Head Music – as they have toured with ‘head regulars Amy… Read More »Body Corporate