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Negative Eh

Wellington trio making lo-fi psychedelic and experimental noise. The group released a flurry of lathe cut releases in the late 90’s before resurfacing as the Electronic / Abstract / Experimental / Jazz outfit Nova Scotia.

Universal Joint

Formed out of the ashes of defunct noise-trio Meat Market, Universal Joint is the multi-instrumentalist duo of Sarah Bingle and Elise Bishop. A Palmerston North based duo with firm community development ideals (establishing the nOise Workshop music-making workshops in the… Read More »Universal Joint

Secret Safari

Much like Headshy, Secret Safari is essentially a lathe-cut only label, with connections to the unearthing underground resource and Paul Hirsts’ fine Teledu Records mail-order records website. Secret Safari was one of Hirst’s labels (along with the long-running Spotty Dog)… Read More »Secret Safari


Ex-Livids Andrew Carey and Regan O’Brien, producing lowkey underground releases, described as ‘Gorgeous, unusual melodic instrumentals from two Palmerston North cousins. Features guitar, drums, noise and piano’ by Crawlspace. Discography ‘Sturdy’/’Avondale Race Ten’/’Epiphyte Rain’ 7″ Lathe-Cut [1997 Spotty Dog 16… Read More »Trough


‘Not The Black Metal Band’ – But Rather The First Band Released On The Small Headshy Lathe-Cut Label. Discography Four Steps To Successful Kite Flying 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep [Headshy Hs001] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Spotty Dog

The first of a trio of labels (along with Secret Safari and the more recent Headshy) that have been releasing material by underground Palmertson North artists (usually of a rock nature) since 1994. Initially releasing a series of compilation tapes… Read More »Spotty Dog