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Popular Tauranga-based hard-rock outfit with the 2002 battle of the bands competition win under its belt and a swag of touring support slots. Andrew Holmes (Acoustic Guitar / Vocals), Aden Mackness (Guitar), Dan Rubock (Bass), and Dylan Raethel (Drums). The band took an independent approach to getting established, recording and releasing their first two EPs, and even creating their own music video, before Global Routes took up distribution for their debut full-length in 2004, earn positive reviews across the country.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Stardrunk Ep [2000? Self-Released]
  • Overstay Ep [2001 Self-Released Tfm 001r2]
  • Complete Control [2004 Rox Records / Global Routes Rox001]


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Dead Famous People


All-girl mid 80’s Flying Nun outfit featuring Wendy Kjestrup, Jenny Renals, Donna Savage, Robyn Tearle, Elizabeth Leyland and Gill Moon. I picked up the EP (their sole New Zealand release) recently and was surprised by the almost amateur approach of their musicianship.

Though full of songs, they seem to have had a loose, unfocused style of playing – which featured synth textures over top of the usual guitar and drums approach.

They eventually relocated to England and released a far more acclaimed, and apparently quite excellent follow up EP Arriving Late In Torn And Filthy Jeans and the 1990 album All Hail The Daffodil.


  • Donna Savage (Vocals, 1986 -1994)
  • Wendy Kjestrup (Guitar/Vocals, 1986 – 1994)
  • Jenny Renals (Bass, 1986 -1994)
  • Robyn Tearle (Drums, 1986 -1994)
  • Elizabeth Leyland (Keyboards/Vocals, 1986 -1987)
  • Gill Moon (Drums, 1988 – 1994)


  • Lost Persons Area 12″ EP (1987, Flying Nun, FN073)
  • Drive Away Split 7″ Single w/ Screeming Custard (1987, Craft)
  • Arriving Late In Torn And Filthy Jeans (1989, Utility, Util7)
  • All Hail The Daffodil (1991, La-Di-Da, Ldd016)
  • Secret Girls Business (2001, Global Routes)