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Stephen Clover – who also released lathe cut albums under the names Logstore and the Longshoremen.

Yet another of the post H-Corp NZ bands that have risen in the aftermath of the mid-90’s free noise frenzy. Seht is much more about minimalism, field recordings, and still, beautiful moments. Some tracks here (like ‘Canned Laughter’) are outright disturbing and quite experimental while others focus only on solo acoustic guitar. Like Antony Milton, Seht demonstrates an all-too-genius use of field recordings, the pinnacle of which being the 10 minute ‘St. Valentine’s Day’ track that escalates a found recording of a Salvation Army Band to near cosmic proportions!
Last Visible Dog

Discography (picks in bold)


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Peter Wright

Co-founder of the Krkrkrk label (along with David Khan) and a prolific member of a number of Christchurch underground bands dating back to the early 90s, Peter Wright is also an exceedingly prolific solo musician, releasing material under multiple guises on Krkrkrk (Bent Gastropod Omnibus, In Vitro, Coitus) as well as on his own label, Apoplexy. Wright is also one of the creative minds behind the brilliant Krautrock superstars Beautiful Losers.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Wank [As Bent Gastropod Omnibus 1993 Krkrkrk Krk003]
  • Expresso Spasm [As Bent Gastropod Omnibus 1993 Krkrkrk Krk004]
  • Haggis [As Bent Gastropod Omnibus 1994 Krkrkrk Krk010]
  • Dust To Dust [As In Vitro 1995 Krkrkrk Krk043]
  • Drag [As In Vitro 1995 Krkrkrk Krk051]
  • Seep [As In Vitro 1995 Krkrkrk Krk058]
  • 040769 [As Coitus 1996 Krkrkrk Krk060]
  • Man In Blue Box [As Coitus 1996 Krkrkrk Krk064]
  • Man In Glass Cage [As Coitus 1996 Krkrkrk Krk074]
  • Duna Cdr [1997? Last Visible Dog Lvd024]
  • Lp #1 [1998 Apoplexy Apx05]
  • Syncopate Cdr [1998? Apoplexy Apx06]
  • Moments Of Inappropriate Abandon Lathe-Cut Double-7″ [1998? Apoplexy Apx07]
  • Radioplay Cdr [1999? Apoplexy Apx09]
  • Automaton Cdr [1999? Apoplexy Apx10]
  • Confinement And Release Cdr [2000 W/ Dave Khan Apoplexy Apx12]
  • Transfusion Cdr [2000 Last Visible Dog Lvd044]
  • Distant Bombs Cdr [Apoplexy Apx15]
  • Bent Gastropod Omnibus [Compilation Of Bent Gastropod Omnibus Material 2002 Krkrkrk Krk120]
  • In Vitro No. 1 [Compilation Of In Vitro Material 2002 Krkrkrk Krk121]
  • In Vitro No. 2 [Compilation Of In Vitro Material 2002 Krkrkrk Krk122]
  • Coitus [Compilation Of Coitus Material 2002 Krkrkrk Krk123]
  • A Tiny Camp In The Wilderness [Celebrate Psi Phenomenon]
  • Catch A Spear As It Flies Cd-R [2003? Celebrate Psi Phenomenon]
  • The Broken Kawai Cd-R [2003? Pseudoarcana Pa017]
  • Desolation Beauty Violence Cd-R [2004 Foxglove Foxglove026]
  • Yellow Horizon [2005 Pseudoarcana]


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The Stumps

The Stumps are the New Zealand superspawn of Antony Milton (Pseudoarcana, The Nether Dawn, Etc), Stephen Clover (Seht), and James Kirk (Sandoz Lab Technicians, Gate etc). With a laundry list of individual accomplishments preceding them, “Lost Weekends” brings high expectations. Compared to such seminal acts as Acid Mothers Temple and Fushitusha, these kiwis have their own twist in their psychedelic cosmic explorations. They are robust and powerful; an exciting and often overwhelming listening experience. It’ll burn out your eardrums and douse the flames in hot wax. But fear not, within these methodic blasts are moments of icy calm. Underneath all this chaos is a relaxed thread, keeping some semblance of order intact.
Foxy Digitalis

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Lost Weekend Cd-R [2006 Foxglove Foxglove121]
  • The Black Wood [2007 Last Visible Dog]
  • Split Fleet Dodge Lp [2007 Palindrone]


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Hugely prolific duo CJA (aka Clayton Noone) and Sugar Jon, who have released a never-ending stack of albums for the likes of Root Don Lonie For Cash, PseduoArcana, Own Recordings, Freedom From…


  • Clayton Noone (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals/Drums/Tapes, 1993? -)
  • Sugar Jon (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals/Drums/Clarinette, 1993? -)


  • Caveman Special 7″ Lathe (1993, Root Don Lone For Cash, root! 005)
  • (Alien Cover) 7″ Lathe (1994, Own Recordings, OR-7)
  • Mars Brew (1995, Own Recordings, OR3)
  • Ruby cassette (1998, Freedom From, FF050)
  • Hot Metal 7″ Lathe (1999, 20City)
  • Iron Jack CDr (2000, Freedom From, FF086)
  • The Praying Mantis Double CDr (2002, PseudoArcana, PA010)
  • Birth | Squat CDr (2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
  • Butta Daze (2003, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
  • Aplit Lathe LP (w/ F.L.O.W.E.R. 2004, Root Don Lone For Cash)
  • Don’t Worry Frank, There’s A Baby On The Way: Live 1993 – 2003 CDr (2005, Root Don Lonie For Cash)
  • Mano O Mano CDr (2005, Rhizone)
  • Unloved &/Or Used CDr (2006, Foxglove, foxglove122)
  • Reach Out 5xCDr (2007, Dreamtime Taped Sounds)
  • Untitled split CDr (w/ Kraus 2007, Root Don Lone For Cash, root! 222)
  • Tron (2008, Last Visible Dog)
  • Whiskey Dr CDr (2008, Root Don Lonie For Cash, 234)
  • Freeplay Dr CDr (2008, Root Don Lonie For Cash, 236)
  • Tron II CDr (2008, Trapdoor Tapes, TT040)
  • Untitled split Lathe 7″ (w/ Monks of Balhill 2010, Root Don Lone For Cash, root! 359)
  • Makes Poor Choices CDr (2011, Root Don Lonie For Cash, 383)
  • Lazy Belly Button Goofles split CDr (w/ Kutomo 2011, Root Don Lone For Cash, root! 385)
  • Leisure and Elderley LP (2016, Planam, ARMPLIN)


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