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Fiona McDonald

Headless Chickens

the brain-child of temperamental crazy-guy chris matthews, the headless chickens started out as a children’s hour spin-off band, and took a while before their bizarre, synth-inflected style took hold. members included matthews, johnny pierce, grant fell, michael lawry, bevan sweeney,… Read More »Headless Chickens

Fiona McDonald

an iconoclastic lead-singer, fiona mcdonald has been the vocal point for both the strawpeople and later-era headless chickens – two of new zealand’s highest profile bands during the mid to late 90s. She has a saucy, dark vocal style and… Read More »Fiona McDonald

Flying Nun Records

The independent label that put New Zealand Music on the map. From Roger Shephard’s formation of the label in 1980 through to now, Flying Nun has been a mark of creative, quirky, inventive music with a distinct kiwi flavor.