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This Night Creeps

Auckland-based punk-emo-type outfit featuring Luke Mcpake (Guitar/Vocals), Mark Brenorffer (Guitar/Vocals), Jeffrey Burch (Bass), Mark Seeny (Drums). Since forming in 2002 the group have immediately found exposure, thanks to the quickly rising profile of Auckland hardcore and their label ElevenFiftySeven. Wth founding member Steve Urpin leaving the line-up in late 2003, the group have settled in with new drummer Mark Seeney (formerly of The Red Shift).

The groups profile grew even further during 2005 with the release of their solid debut full-length The Sound Of Music, plus video appearances. The album is a complicated and fractured rock release, heavy on theatrics and swooping song dynamics – whilst never really being over-blown or indulgent.

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Auckland hard-core / skate-punk outfit.

Balance formed the ElevenFiftySeven record label as an effort to raise the profile of Auckland hardcore, organizing tours and promoting bands at any given opportunity.


  • Stefan Thompson (Bass, 1994)
  • Ben Lythberg (Drums, 1994 – 2000)
  • Cyrus (Vocals, 1994 -)
  • Mike Hall (Vocals)
  • Rhys Williams (Guitar, 1994 – 2000)
  • Dean Cameron (Bass)


  • Chasing Shadows Cassette EP (1994, Piecemal Records, RD252)
  • Mineshaft Burning &” EP (1994, Piecemeal, BALANCE001)
  • One Existence (1997, ElevenFiftySeven, 1157 001)
  • Never Quit 7″ EP (1998, Shortfuse Records, SFR02)
  • Truth Respect And Spirit (1998, ElevenFiftySeven, 1157 004)
  • Live Hardcore (1999 W/ State & Grace, DSM, ElevenFiftySeven, 1157 005)



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The Bleeders


Auckland hardcore / punk outfit that reached peak popularity around 2004.

Boasting a line up of musicians all of whom have had vast experience as part of the New Zealand punk / hardcore scene in such acts as DSM, Evil Priest, Malcontent, Smooth Jimmies, Kid Nuisance & AOV

Playing live regularly through-out 2003 and 2004, the band built up a sizable following, even winning their way through on the corporate-sponsored ‘Coke Launch-Pad’ promotional junket, along with performances across New Zealand on the Orientation Tour and at the 2004 Big Day Out in Auckland.

The Bleeders got a huge boost in later 2004 with the release of the So Lonely single – which shot to prominence on the New Zealand chart, despite a rather limp-wristed hook, an overt emo attempt at hardcore.


  • Angelo Munro (Vocals, 2002 – 2007)
  • Ian King (Guitar, 2002 – 2007)
  • Hadleigh Donald (Guitar, 2002 – 2007)
  • Gareth Stack (Bass, 2002 – 2007)
  • George Clark (Drums, 2002 – 2007)


  • A Bleeding Heart EP (2003, Elevenfiftyseven, 1157 010)
  • So Lonely CD Single (2004, Elevenfiftyseven, 1157 011)
  • The Bleeders (2005, Elevenfiftyseven, CASA004)
  • Out Of Time CD Single (2005, Universal, 9873073)
  • As Sweet As Sin (2006, Universal, 9855477)
  • Bleeders (2007, Universal, 1753022)



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elevenfiftyseven are a new start-up auckland-based independent label focused on hard-core and punk outfits. starting with popular underground hard-core outfit balance, elevenfiftyseven have carved quite a name for themselves in a niche market, with releases following from dsm, missing teeth, this night creeps and the bleeders.
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  • live hardcore [1999 1157 005]

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