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Donald Mcpherson


An off-shoot of Sandoz Lab Technicians members Tim Cornelius and Nathan Thompson:

“Unspecified was recorded 94/95 by Sandoz Lab Technicians Nathan Thompson and Tim Cornelius. This prehistoric piece of grind and scrape shows the pair tip-toeing through a trough of strawberry shortcake on their way to a screaming mass extinction. edition of 50 lathe cut 7″ vinyl”

Nathan Thompson

Donald McPherson

Discography picks in bold always 8″ lathe-cut ep [self-released] improv songs 8″ lathe-cut ep [self-released] some songs lathe-cut [1994 self-released] donald mcpherson [1994] decap lathe-cut 7″ ep [self-released] the trees lathe-cut 7″ ep [self-released] boulder state lathe-cut 10″ ep [self-released]… Read More »Donald McPherson