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Auckland-based industrial outfit that featured a young Michael Hodgson, along with audio pruction assitance from Angus Mcnaughten (Unitone Hi-Fi). Their sole Flying Nun release was a retrospective from over a decade of multimedia performances that had seen release in extremely limited diy capacity.

Visual manipulation had always played a large part in Tinnitus performances and the early 90’s was the perfect time to explore the role of the VJ within the arts and live music scene. Over the next few years Michael provided visual enhancement for performances by the Headless Chickens, Jean Paul Satre Experience, Supergroove, Not Really Anything and many others
– Taken from Club Bizarre

In 1992 Hidgson started releasing dub remix albums under the name of Projector Mix, working with the likes of the Hallelujah Picassos, DLT and (most notably) Salmonella Dub, which would eventually led to the birth of the duo Pitchblack with Paddy Free.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Ire In Red Desert [1986 Self-Released]
  • Come [1986 Self-Released]
  • Tinnitus Alive [1987 Self-Released]
  • Untamed [1987 Self-Released]
  • Central Delivery [1987 Self-Released]
  • X- Spiritualistic Function [1987 Self-Released]
  • Ringing In Your [1987 Self-Released]
  • Subjective Experience For The Inside Of Your Head [1988 Self-Released]
  • Firepower Nov.1988 [1988 Self-Released]
  • Affliction Addiction [1991 Self-Released]
  • Futures Past [1992 Self-Released]
  • ‘Necessary Tension’/’Fire Power’/’In The Air’ Cassette Single [1992 Flying Nun Fn134]
  • Futures Past Alive And Studio ’86-’91 [1992 Flying Nun Fn156]


b artists

Brother J


The alias of soul vocalist Jason Leslie Hall, a Hokianga vocalist who has collaborated with the likes of DLT, Manuel Bundy etc, along with contributing his own songs to the first two Sugarlicks compilations.

..But it was at Wellington’s Cuba Street Carnival, jamming with the mighty Roots Foundation that J met DJ Mu (Fat Freddys Drop) and a love of bass, reggae and songwriting led the two to start work on J’s album.
The resulting ‘Be Bob A Nui’ is a pop soul shakedown with conscious lyrics, fat beats and fat bass – an album of sweet soul for the urban generation with nu-skool dub niceties
– Liz Barry, taken from New Zealand Musician magazine


  • Jason Hall (Vocals, 2002)
  • Toby Laing (Trumpet, 2002)
  • Warryn Maxwell (Vocals/Guitar, 2002)
  • Jessica Agrrey (2002)
  • Maya (2002)
  • Nat Rose (2002)
  • Sheba (2002)
  • Alan Pitt (2002)
  • Earl E Dee (2002)
  • Tehimana Kerr (Guitar, 2002)


Be Bop A Nui (2002, Sugarlicks Records, SugarCD003)



c artists

Che Fu


Started his life in funk-rock clowns Supergroove, making his voice on a number of great eclectic pop-singles before splitting for his own rap / r’n’b career.

His first solo outing (as DLT’s MC on the meteoric ‘Chains’ single) was a real awakening – it was pretty evident immediately that Che has one of the strongest voices in New Zealand r’n’b, and his subsequent albums have proven the point both creatively and commercially.


  • Che Ness (Vocals, 1998 -)


  • Chains Single (DLT w/ Che Fu, 1996, BMG New Zealand)
  • 2b S.Pacific ‎(1996, BMG, 74321 629922)
  • The Son Single (Dam Native w/ Che Fu 1997, Tangata, TANGD527)
  • Without A Doubt (Dam Native w/ Che Fu 1998, BMG New Zealand, 74321 619982)
  • Scene III Single (1998, BMG New Zealand)
  • Waka Single (1999, BMG New Zealand)
  • Fade Away Single (2001, Epic)
  • Navigator 3 (2001, Epic)
  • Random Single (2001, Epic)
  • Misty Frequencies Single (2002, Epic)
  • Beneath The Radar ‎(2005, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Epic 82876729632)
  • Hi-Score: The Best of Che-Fu ‎(2006, Epic 1526872)


Discogs Entry


d artists


darryl ‘dlt’ thompson, often called the ‘godfather’ of new zealand hip-hop was quick to the scene in the early 80s, cutting his teeth with now legendary crew upper hutt posse and releasing a swagger of hard-nosed and often controversial, politically driven songs that were engulfed in maori culture and musings. when the posse disbanded in the 90s, dlt went on to form dam native, who were just as visible, if not as successful as his original crew.
after a stint with joint forces, dlt went solo releasing one of the best singles in new zealand’s history, and certainly one of the best hip-hop songs of the mid 90s, the phenomenal ‘chains’ which featured ex-supergroove vocalist che fu. dlt has continued to be highly visible, through involvement with television, radio and his continueing music career, rnwhich has now broadened even further to encompass many elements of dance music.
picks in bold

  • the true school
    [1996 rca 74321393512]
  • altruism [2000 bmg nz 74321806642]

awards etcrnrianz awards 1996rn

  • single of the year chainsrn
  • songwriter of the year darren thompson, che ness, angus mcnoughton and kevin rangihunarn