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The Stepford 5


One of the earlier Christchurch acid-rock groups of Celia Patel (aka Celia Pavlova / Mancini) along with twins Sharon and Joanne Billesdon and Reta La Quesne.

Though the Stepford 5 only released two (now rather rare) European-issued 7″ singles – one a split with Japanese act Teengenerate, their members would later resurface in The Axel Grinders, Snort, and King Loser.

The Stepford 5 were rougher, rawer and dirtier than their successive groups, with Patel’s vocals in particular being much more harsh than her Nancy Sinatra style chanteuse approach in The Axel Grinders and King Loser.


  • Celia Patel (Lead Guitar / Vocals, 1991? – 1992)
  • Sharon Billesdon (Drums, 1991? – 1992)
  • Joanne Billesdon (Guitar, 1991? – 1992)
  • Reta La Quesne (Vocals / Bass, 1991? – 1992)


  • Cave of Love 7″ EP (1991, Demolition, DEMO004)
  • Snake Lady Split 7″ [W/ Teengenerate 1993, Demolition Derby, DD006]