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Dead Famous People


Vibraslaps were an all female post-punky outfit best known for an EP put out on Flying Nun Records in 1985, and for (briefly) being at the forefront of New Zealand’s lesbian feminist music scene during the turbulent mid 1980s.

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Dead Famous People

Biography All-girl mid 80’s Flying Nun Records outfit featuring Wendy Kjestrup, Jenny Renals, Donna Savage, Robyn Tearle, Elizabeth Leyland and Gill Moon. I picked up the EP (their sole New Zealand release) recently and was surprised by the almost amateur… Read More »Dead Famous People

Flying Nun Records

The independent label that put New Zealand Music on the map. From Roger Shephard’s formation of the label in 1980 through to now, Flying Nun has been a mark of creative, quirky, inventive music with a distinct kiwi flavor.