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The Verlaines

Formed in late 1980, The Verlaines is Graeme Downes’ long-standing song-writing vehicle, and one-hell of a brilliant, literate band at that. With the classic early 1980’s line-up of Downes on guitar and vocals, Alan Haig on drums and Jane Dodd on bass, the Verlaines released excellent singles such as ’10 O’Clock In The Afternoon’ from the EP of the same name, and of course their signature tune ‘Death And The Maiden’, which stands as one of the true kiwi classics.

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Lesley Speaker

Lesley Speaker was a Dunedin trio fronted by Kitset’s Peter Hobbs, putting out a 7″ lathe cut single and a CDr EP on the Beat Atlas label in 1998. Hobbs went on to become a movie soundtrack composer and studio engineer.

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Noisy Dunedin rock group formed by Ex-Alpaca Brothers Bruce Blucher and Paul Cahill. Robbie Yeats was their primary drummer, but their recordings feature contributions from a number of well-known underground performers. Released 3 albums and a couple 7″ singles.

Dating Godot

the highly productive andrew spittle. Discography picks in bold river stone 7″ lathe-cut [self-released] ‘all i’ve got is you’/’make’ 7″ lathe-cut [self-released] flicker [1992] viva la rover [1993] amber [1993] elephants graveyard lathe cut [1994 self-released] road of the patent… Read More »Dating Godot

All Red Cables

Biography Prolific underground muso Andrew Spittle’s (Dating Godot) latest project, incorporating guitar and Spittle’s lyrical touch. Members Andrew Spittle (2004 – 2010) Discography Under Volcano Fields: All the Hits 2004 – 2010 (2012, Epic Sweep, ES019) Links Discogs Entry  

The Renderers

The Renderers are New Zealand’s prime example of southern-fried country, and are indeed one of our finest ever bands. Brian Crook formed the Renderers with his partner Maryrose in early 90’s Christchurch when The Max Block failed to go anywhere,… Read More »The Renderers