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The Accelerants


Wellington based rock’n’roll 4-piece who evolved out of the Shining Path, originally with the line-up of Marty Squire (Guitar/Vocals – Formerly Of D-Super), John Douglas (Bass – Ex-Marineville), Kirsty (Organ) and and the show-stealing Ricky Boyd (Drums – Ex-Canvas).

Kirsty has since been replaced by Leo on keys, and the band have been touring the country with a slick, professional rock’n’roll show as part of Blinks’ infamous series of A Low Hum shows (as well as supporting Fur Patrol). Expect their debut in late 2004 on Wildside.


  • Marty Squire (Guitar/Vocals)
  • John Douglas (Bass)
  • Kirsty (Organ)
  • Ricky Boyd (Drums)
  • Luke Hutching (Bass)
  • Leo Francis (Keyboards)
  • Graeme Cummack (Guitar)


  • Ray Gun CD Single (2003, Rock-O-Tronic, Rock3001)
  • Blood And Bones (2005, Wildside Records)



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wellington based garage surf-punk band made up of marty squire (guitar/vocals), dave geard (drums), luke benge (keyboards) and jules desmond (bass). guitarists johnny kofoed and liam finn (also of betchadupa) and bassist dave benge have all been one-time members of the line-up which squire disbanded in 2002, resurfacing with the shining path later in the year. marty squire has since gone on to form the accelerants.


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