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Originally a three-piece from Featherston in the Wairarapa district – Strikemaster were a rock outfit with a grounding in the blues and were initially comprised of Paul Cullen (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Steve Elliott (Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals), John Prentice (Drums) and later joined by Ray Parapara (Lead and Rhythm Guitar/Vocals). After their 1984 live album, the bands members went on to form Strait Street and Circus Block Four.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Good’N’Ready [Live Recording 1984 Jayrem Jay311]


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Circus Block Four

original line-up of gavin mclean (lead guitar/vocals), john prentice (drums), jim scott (vocals) and jeff thorpe (bass), with later members wayne frampton, dean hutton, caroline easther, peter robinson, fiona mackenzie and paula mcdermott. prentice was a former member of strikemaster who went on to help form strait street from paraparaumu with puki wara (lead guitar/vocals), whilst easther was a prominent figure in the flying nun scene of the 1980s, playing in the likes of the chills, the verlaines etc.
picks in bold

  • ‘in stone in steel’/’dead inside’ 12″ single [jayrem] rn
  • ‘take another look’ 12″ single [jayrem] rn
  • the coloured gate [1986 jayrem JAY322]