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Coconut Rough

Brilliant synth-pop group formed by former Whizz Kids / Pop Mechanix / The Swingers vocalist Andrew McLennan. Known solely for their one-hit wonder ‘Sierra Leonne’.

Lip Service

Auckland pop-rock 4-piece with a couple of D.D. Smash’s members, who put out a major label debut on CBD before morphing into similar outfit Neons.


Mi-Sex were at one time New Zealand’s most popular band. During the punk and new wave explosion of the late 70’s and early 80’s, Mi-Sex were a truly old-school styled band, with a slick stage crew, costumes, and an over-reliance… Read More »Mi-Sex

The Narcs

Gareth Sincock, Tony Waine, Bob Ogilvie, Andy Dickson, Steve Clarkson And Liam Ryan. Hugely Popular (Locally, They Never Tasted Overseas Success) Pop Outfit From The 80s That Tread The M.O.R. Line, Even Touring With One-Hit Wonders Coconut Rough. Discography The… Read More »The Narcs