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Jordan Reyne

Jordan Reyne is an acclaimed, yet still relatively low-profile musician with a long history in New Zealand pop and rock, specifically in a dark (and somewhat gothic) direction. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, Reyne gigged as a solo musician (after debuting with first group Shikasta in Paraparaumu) in Kapiti and Palmerston North, before settling in Wellington. There she formed Bloodflower – a group that would eventually secure support for the touring White Zombie.

Working as a contributing vocalist for bands such as Breaks Co-Op and the Strawpeople, in the late 1990s, Reyne started releasing her own solo albums, and was recognised by the likes of the APRA song-writing foundation, and gothic music specialists both nationally and in europe, especially with the rising profile of her group Dr Kevorkian and the Suicide Machine.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Birds Of Prey [1997 Deep Grooves]


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Trinity Roots

Wellington based Reggae / Soul / Funk / Jazz outfit spawned out of the cities early 2000s jam sessions. They’ve since become a very concise, song-orientated unit (leaving their member-sharing outfit Fat Freddys Drop to the more free-form approach) and put together a couple of great radio-hit singles and a fine debut album.

Their debut release actually managed to go platinum, quite an achievement for an independently released debut, which was highlighted with the release of their 2004 follow-up Home, Land and Sea, which garnished much more media attention (by now the band was one of the country’s more established live acts). The group disbanded in 2005, but then reunited in September 2010, embarking on a New Zealand tour. Long time drummer Riki Gooch (also front-man of Little Bushman) left in July 2011, replaced by Jean Pompey, joining Warren Maxwell (Vocals and Guitar) and Rio Hemopo (Bass – also of Breaks Co-Op). Drummer Darren Matthiessen performed on their debut EP Trinity, during another period when Gooch was on hiatus.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Trinity EP [2000 Trinity Roots TR01]
  • True [2002 Trinity Roots TR02]
  • Home, Land And Sea [2004 Trinity Roots TR03]

  • Music is Choice (Live Album) [2010 Trinity Roots TR04]


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Breaks Co-Op


With the influx of Massive Attack influenced bands in the mid 90’s, there were a number of trip-hop imitators world wide, trying to perfect their own mix of lazy grooves and downbeat vocals.

Auckland duo Breaks Co-Op thankfully got the formula very right though with their stunning singular album Roofers.

An eclectic mix of found sounds, blissed-out synths and its own fair share of studio trickery, the album gracefully flows from groove to groove, unashamedly laid-back.

Comprised of former Urban Disturbance member / future MTV Europe host Zane Lowe and Hamish Clark with guest vocals from Dr. Kevorkian and the Suicide Machine vocalist Jordan Reyne, Breaks Co-Op hit the heights quickly, then disappeared without a trace.

In early 2005 murmur’s of the groups impending comeback began to surface. Finally after a long absence when the duo were both in London, Lowe and Clark had once again been back in the recording studio. This time with (new full-time member) Andy Lovegrove’s soul-styled vocals and new ventures into live instrumentation, ‘The Sound Inside’ finally arrived in march 2005.


  • Zane Lowe (Production, 1997 – )
  • Hamish Clark (Production, 1997 – )
  • Manuel Bundy (Turntables, 1997)
  • Jordan Reyne (Vocals, 1997)
  • Nick Atkinson (1997)
  • Andy Lovegrove (Vocals, 2005)


  • Sound Advice CD Single (1997, Deepgrooves Entertainment, DG048)
  • Roofers (1998, Deep Grooves)
  • The Sound Inside (2005, EMI, 8733512)
  • Settle Down (2005, EMI)
  • The Otherside Single (2005, EMI)
  • A Place For You Single (2005, EMI)
  • Duet 12″ Single (2006, EMI)
  • Sounds Familiar (2014, Warner Music Group)