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Banshee Reel

Southern Front

Biography The last evolution in the chain for the core of the Christchurch punk rock movement this band were made up of the members of Unauthorised, Desperate Measures, and Evasive Action. The band were moving well away from their punk… Read More »Southern Front

Ape Management

Weird old Christchurch hard/sludge rock act who put out a few releases in the mid to late 90s. Made up of prominent poster artist Rock Hardman, Brother Love, Ken Mexted, Dave Clarke, and a revolving crowd of Bass players.

Banshee Reel

Biography A country-tinged pre-cursor to Julia Deans’ popular Fur Patrol who self-released a couple of albums in the mid 90’s. Members Gavin Duncan Andrew Moen Allan Clark Julia Deans (Vocals/Guitar) Chris O’Connell (Guitar/Vocals) Tony Coughlan Discography Culture Vulture (1993, BAN001)… Read More »Banshee Reel