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The Penthouse

The Penthouse (sometimes just referred to as ‘Level 5’) was a venue name given to the 5th floor of Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti School in Central Christchurch, above the old Hallensteins building in Cashel Plaza.


Biography Wellington based rock four-piece formed in 2002 by ex-Canvas front-man Michael Carpinter. Basically a power-pop garage-rock band in the traditional sense, and not a million miles from Carpinters’ former band. Members Michael Carpinter (Guitar/Vocals, 2002 – 2010) Craig Mason (2002 –… Read More »Autozamm


Biography Slick 3-piece pop-rock outfit who formed at Hillmorton High School in Christchurch, before relocating to Wellington in the late 90’s (and eventually breaking up in mid-2002). Comprised of (future Autozamm front-man) Michael Carpinter, scene-stealing drummer Rcky Boyd and Wellington… Read More »Canvas