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Atonal Death


Fine formerly Christchurch-based (their first release was a 7″ Lathe by Atonal Death in 1998), that released 18 experimental or ambient productions between 1998 and 2003, before label-head Peter Wright moved to London in 2003.

Ever-linked with the similarly-focused kRkRkRk label (who also release Wright’s material), Apoplexy has a less industrial focus, releasing artists such as Polio, Antony Milton, and with a back-catalog that includes material as varied as Atonal Death and Nick Hodgsons’ CM Ensemble material.

Atonal Death

Biography An alias of Apoplexy‘s Peter Wright, utilized during the late 90’s (often for treated guitar pieces). Members Peter Wright (Guitar/Production/Electronics) Discography Olympic / Duress (Parts 1 & 2) 7″ Lathe EP (1998, Apoplexy, APX01) Plasma Cassette (1998, Apoplexy, APX02) Hinter… Read More »Atonal Death