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Apra Silver Scroll

The Mutton Birds

Biography Probably Don McGlashan’s most famous song-writing vehicle, the Mutton Birds achieved considerable success in the 1990’s, with a number of successful singles, albums and even award recognition. Originally an Auckland-based trio comprised of McGlashan (pulling double-duty with the theatrical… Read More »The Mutton Birds


Back in the early 00s, Scribe was a Christchurch lad, struggling to make his name on the local hip-hop scene. Tied to student radio station RDU and their various hip-hop shows and events along with buddy and Christchurch turntablism long-stayer… Read More »Scribe

Chris Knox

Biography I’ve had a hard time starting this profile. A man who’s done so much for New Zealand (underground) music that it wouldn’t really be the same without him – Knox was responsible for so many changes in the way… Read More »Chris Knox