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Blair Parkes

long-standing christchurch singer / song-writer, blair parkes has been a fixture in local indie-pop bands, from all fall down in the early 1980s, through little dead things, the letter 5, swim everything, creeley, and range. these bands saw releases through… Read More »Blair Parkes

Sneaky Feelings

The Sneakies were a young and naive pop band discovering the world of music from a distinctly dunedin perspective. In original member Matthew Bannisters’ Positively George Street book, which describes their experience and neglectance to accept the ‘Dunedin Sound’ that… Read More »Sneaky Feelings


forming in 1996 but taking (an appropriate) 8 years to get their debut out, eight none the less have been courting major-label interest for a couple of years, since the release of the shift ep back in 2003 (which included… Read More »Eight


…nz underground solo artist shay j klink, combining hard hitting well composed drum machine programming, some well structured dark experimental mood intensities and pounding death/dark metal guitars – sampled and played. check it out – club bizarre Discography insainium [self-released]… Read More »Offline

The Cement Garden

Biography Palmerston North 4-piece with a single EP to their name. Vocalist Boekman would go on to the Bananamen. Members Leonard Carney (Drums, 1986) Elenaor Boekman (Vocals/Bass, 1986) Sean O’Conner (Guitar, 1986) Jonathan Collins (Guitar/Saxophone/Vocals, 1986) Discography The Only One EP… Read More »The Cement Garden


[profile thanks to rob mayes]arising from the distant ashes of blue flesh syndrome and cell, lurch were a combination of british shoegazing and semi-industrial riffing, with a touch of early goth. the band consisted of: layton davies – vocalist /… Read More »Lurch


Biography Previously known as Nimrod and then Nimrodiabolique, this Dunedin indie-rock group took the name Suka after their first official release in 1995 (switching the album name for the band name). Suka – Dancing to Tibet Members Discography Links

Corpse Feast

brutal death-metal 3-piece who formed in lower-hutt in 1994. the line-up of claude nicholson (guitar / vocals), roger nicholson (drums) and ra nicholls (lead guitar) currently reside in hastings, and have released an album on the local hit your head… Read More »Corpse Feast

Beat Rhythm Fashion

Biography Fashionable Wellington-based post-punk from the early 1980’s that featured Caroline Easther (The Chills, Verlaines, Spines etc), but formed by British ex-pat brothers Nino and Dan Birch. Initially formed as a studio-based outfit in august 1980, and heavily indebted to… Read More »Beat Rhythm Fashion

National Anthem

Anthony Johns, Craig Smith, Michael Harrolambi, Mike Chunn, Dave Major, Steve Garden And With Guest Appearances From The Newton Hoons Horn Section. Discography One Day Different [1986 Reaction Real035] 4 Good Reasons Ep [1987 Reaction] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s… Read More »National Anthem

The D4 – 6Twenty

2001, Flying Nun Records, FNCD449 The garage rock explosion of recent times has given way to the world again discovering rock’n’roll outside the borders of the United States. After Japanese outfit Guitar Wolf got everyone pumped up all those years… Read More »The D4 – 6Twenty


Biography Now defunct old Christchurch punk band from the late 90s / early 00s based around core members Kyle Denovan on guitar and vocals, and myself (Chris Andrews) on bass and accompanying vocals. Starting with just the duo and playing… Read More »Mysterioball


old synth and computer gear hound, video-game fanatic and general party-guy luke rowell. a one-man band encompassing retro-eletro synths, groove-box arrangement and fucking great beats, often based on old video games, disasteradio are a quickly ascending force in the wellington… Read More »Disasteradio!

Campbell Kneale

wellington experimental musician, proprietor of the celebrate psi phenomenon label, and the force behind birchville cat motel. kneale usually reserves his own name for collaborations with solo musicians, including one release (the silver chair cd-r) that he recorded with his… Read More »Campbell Kneale