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Former Rip It Pp editor Murray Cammick formed Wildside in 1991, releasing material from Wellington acts Freak Power, Second Child and Rumblefish, but didn’t really become the icon of Wellington hard rock it was in the mid 90s until both… Read More »Wildside

White Saucer

Improv-heavy duo Stella Corkery (Sweetcakes, Queen Meanie Puss) and Alan Holt making a variety of different noises in all sorts of directions. Featuring Corkery’s drumming, plus guitar and electronics, many of the duo’s releases so far have been odes (so… Read More »White Saucer


Aaron Tokona, Gabriel Atkinson, Clinton Den Heyer and Clinton Tokona – Wellington band that split almost immediately after the release of their thoroughly acclaimed 2000 debut. Discography Natural Compression Ep [1999 Warner] Geographica [2000 Warner 8573839332] Awards Etc Rianz Awards… Read More »Weta

Wazzo Ghoti

Biography Rex Nairn, Chris Goodall, Mark Roxburgh, Bill Morris, Andrew Downes, Steve Cochrane. Wellington punks (pronounced Wazzo Fish) that are still going, at least in an occasional live capacity as of 2004. Members Rex Nairn Chris Goodall Mark Roxburgh Bill… Read More »Wazzo Ghoti

Peter Wright

Co-founder of the Krkrkrk label (along with David Khan) and a prolific member of a number of Christchurch underground bands dating back to the early 90s, Peter Wright is also an exceedingly prolific solo musician, releasing material under multiple guises… Read More »Peter Wright

The Weeds

Biography [Profile thanks to Tim Davey] The Weeds were around for about a year in the mid-80’s, formed with the intention of having fun and seeing just how stupid they could be, while also entertaining people. The band provided a… Read More »The Weeds

The Wart

Biography Sharon Boyd, Andrew Leggott, Brendan And Justin Ryniken. Short lived late 80’s band with just a sole self-titled EP to their name. Members Sharon Boyd Andrew Leggott Brendan Ryniken Justin Ryniken Discography Title Format [June 2011 self-released] Links BandCamp Page… Read More »The Wart

The Wild Poppies

Alan Carter, Andrew Young, Nick Taylor, Ian Hopkins, Robert Axford and Richard Geismar. Discography Heroine [1987 Poppie Pr02] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr