Live recording of a fifteen minute performance in February ’98 by a one-off line-up featuring members of the Ashvins, Dog Tooth Violet and Polio. Yeah ok, so it’s got a different catalogue number on the cd, but uh, we’re superstitious – it’s definitely not cos we messed up the catalogue numbering, ok? Edition of 10 cd-r’s
Spotty Dog

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Fine formerly Christchurch-based (their first release was a 7″ Lathe by Atonal Death in 1998), that moved with label-head Peter Wright to his new base in London in 2003.

Ever-linked with the similarly-focused kRkRkRk label (who also release Wright’s material), Apoplexy has a less industrial focus, releasing artists such as Polio, Antony Milton, and with a back-catalog that includes material as varied as Atonal Death and Nick Hodgsons’ CM Ensemble material.

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sludgy low hum drones and other such digitally manipulated tone from peter wright – previously of atonal death, and the proprietor of the apoplexy label.
picks in bold

  • gemini cd-r [apoplexy apx013]
  • soyuz cd-r [apoplexy apx016]
  • untitled cd-r [freedom from FF0155]