WAOTS, Fauxhound and $noregazZzm at darkroom

WAOTS at darkroom
WAOTS at darkroom


Another excellent show at the darkroom this weekend, with New Zealand’s most party-orientated eletronic, eletro and chip-tune artists playing to a fairly crowded room on a lovely night in the garden city.


WAOTS (aka We Aeronauts of the Spirit / aka Max Lequeux) was the most downbeat on the night warming up the crowd with tracks comprised of Nintendo DS chip-tunes augmented with keyboards and vocals.



$noregazZzm at darkroom
$noregazZzm at darkroom
Fauxhound at darkroom
Fauxhound at darkroom

Favourite Ex-son of Christchurch Jos van Beek was next, playing his GameBoy augmented electro chip-tune tracks with great gusto, dancing around the stage and getting the crowd pumped up.


$noregazZzm ended the night with their own brand oh hip-hop fueled electro electronica – great fun, and a shame the lads aren’t going to be around much longer; with Dave Currie heading overseas at the conclusion of the tour.

With Lisandru showing his usual bravado on the mic the duo put on a great show.


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Downbeat chiptune’s from ex-Christchurch resident Jos van Beek, currently residing in Auckland. Jos has been pretty heavily involved in making Chiptune music more visible in New Zealand (particularly Christchurch), playing a renegade slot at Camp A Low Hum, supporting touring Chiptune artists like cTrix and collaborating with Bang! Bang! Eche! vocalist Zach Donney.

2011 was particularly productive, with his debut self-titled EP, the single ‘Door to Door’ and 2nd EP ‘he lives forever so that we may sing’ (released by net-label ‘pxl-bot’) all appearing in quick succession.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Fauxhound [June 2011 self-released]
  • Door to Door single [September 2011 self-released]
  • he lives forever so that we may sing [November 2011 pxl-bot]


ChChip at the Great Depression

Low bit-quality video of Chiptune artists Futunari, Fauxhound and Never playing live at post-earthquake Christchurch illegal speak-easy The Great Depression:

Futunari, Fauxhound and Never at the Great Depression

The Great Depression popped up a couple weeks after the quake due to the lack of open venues available to local musicians… but I can’t tell you were it is..

Oh and hey!

Zach from bizarro blog Sleep 500, plus local outfits Bang! Bang! Eche!, Teen Fortress, and also known as Futunari posted about the whole thing on his blog too.