Rik Starrr

Appearing as a one-off 7″ single in 1995 (during a speight of similar projects from the likes of King Loser and the 3D’s side-projects such as Chris Heazlewood‘s solo debut Spacious etc), the rather dubiously Australian-themed ‘A Sort of Holiday’ single was something of an undiscovered gem – and the recording debut of Auckland wacko Edmund Cake (aka Edward McWilliams.

Though the single itself went nowhere, Cake later resurfaced as a critical member of bizarro-pop trio Breast Secreting Cake (later redubbed to the slightly less vulgar Bressa Creeting Cake), who in turn released a heck of a debut album and the left-of-centre video-hit Papa People.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • A Sort Of Holiday [1995 Flying Nun FN338]



The short-lived Sean O’Rielly project that spawned a 7″ on Flying Nun, during their mid 90s side-project series (which also spawned Ghost Club, Spacious, and Chris Heazlewood‘s solo career).

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Cat Face’/’Semi’/’Sleepy Hollow’ 7″ Single [1996 Flying Nun Fn357]


Sferic Experiment

Guitarist Chris Heazlewood and drummer Sean O’Rielly (both pre-King Loser fame), violinist Susan Ballard, Gavin Shaw (Childrens Television Workshop), and Greg Cairns experimental / avant-garde outfit from dunedin. Kinda exploded back in 1989, with the remains casually reissued on Drunken Fish post-breakup. The album itself (eight mile) is a murky, lo-fi live recording of occasionally brilliant swamp-rock.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Bunny Liver Cassette [1989 Xpressway X/Way14]

  • ‘Sci-Fi’/’Hi-Fi’ 7″ Single [1994 Drunken Fish Dfr-08]

  • Eight Mile [1996 Drunken Fish Dfr-16]



Short-lived Dave Saunders (The 3Ds) and Alan Haig (The Chills, Chug, Snapper etc) group that produced the Vector 27 7″ EP, later included on the 3Ds swan-song Strange News From The Angels. This was all the result of the Flying Nun‘s mid 90s side-project series (which also spawned Ghost Club, SF, and Chris Heazlewood’s solo recordings).

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Vector 27’/’Riding The Whale’/’I Believe In You’ 7″ Single [1996 Flying Nun Fn355]



King Loser Vocalist Celia Mancini’S Post Kl Band, Consisting Of Herself On Vocals And Guitar And Various Other Contributors Such As Clayton Noone (Bass), Cameron Bain (Guitar – Formerly Of Constant Pain) And Many Others, As The Band Had Trouble Keeping Line-Ups. More Heavy Metal (In The Deep Purple Or Black Sabbath Sense) Than King Loser, The Band Disintergrated With Mancini’S Decline (She Has Struggled With Drug And Alcohol Issues).

According To Noone Though, Mancini Was In Positive Spirits In Late 2001 – Having A Great Night Reuniting With Chris Heazlewood For An Impromptu King Loser Performance. Noone’S Label Root Don Lonie For Cash Released The Mothertrucker Debut, Which He Has Described As Being Bloody Good.

Discography (picks in bold)




Chris Heazlewood and Sean O’Rielly’s pre-King Loser outfit, featuring former Look Blue Go Purple drummer and Flying Nun alumni Lesley Paris.


  • Chris Heazlewood (Guitar/Bass/Vocals, 1991?)
  • Sean O’Rielly (Guitar/Vocals/Organ, 1991?)
  • Lesley Paris (Drums, 1991?)


  • ‘Septic hagfish’/’Ditch’/’Don’t fall too hard’/’Olla putrido’ 7″ EP [1992 Flying Nun FN214]