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Bored Games

Before Dimmer, before Straitjacket Fits, before even the Doublehappys, Shayne Carter was in a Flying Nun Records-type punk band called Bored Games, who opened for the likes of the Clean and Toy Love before the lads had even left high school.


Nick Bollinger (The NZ Listener): “Dunedin based troubadour with a four track writes witty commentaries on society, love, and discount shopping. His guitar, casio and drum machine provide more colour than one might expect.”

My Deviant Daughter

Early to mid 90’s Dunedin dark-pop trio with an album, and 7″ single on the ‘Delerious’ label, plus a Yellow Eye music Dunedin-music compilation appearance.

She’s Insane

Former Christchurch rock outfit comprised of Maria Due (Guitar / Vox), Tasha French (Vocals, Drums), Pete Thomson (Guitar) and Adam Gallagher (Bass – replaced original bassist Kerry Wellman) who drew a lot of attention with their debut on Yellow-Eye –… Read More »She’s Insane

Weetbix Boys

Dunedin-based skiffle group featuring Simon Vare, Steve Cournane (Alpaca Brothers, C.L. Bob Etc), Andy Scott (Electric Blood) and Richard Morris. Andy Scott left the band in 1989, replaced behind the kit by Donald Harman. The band toured the North Island,… Read More »Weetbix Boys

Yellow Eye

Small Dunedin based label that put out the excellent 3-disc ‘But I can Write Songs Okay..’ anthology of Dunedin music, dating back to the late 50s. Formed by Simon Vare and Steve Cournane to release Dunedin Pop and Jazz, they… Read More »Yellow Eye

T And D Bigger Band

3-piece Dunedin acoustic-folk band comprised of Tracy Huirama-Osborne (Vocals / Guitar), Deidre Newall (Double Bass / Vocals) and Erin Morton (Fiddle, Guitar and Vocals). Featured on the But I Can Write Songs Ok? compilation, and put out a release on… Read More »T And D Bigger Band