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Root Don Lonie For Cash

Prolific cassette, CDr and lathe-cut label run by Clayton Noone (aka CJA) and utilised by a fair few New Zealand (and some overseas) artists since the mid 1990s. Their first few years of releases had distinctive spray-painted covers. The original Don Lonie was billed as ‘America’s No. 1 high-school assembly speaker’, who recorded several albums for popular Christian record labels in the early 1960s.

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Biography Discography Willis Lathe Cut [2000 A Stabbies And The Rocket Recording] Volume 1 Double Cd-R Reissue [Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl091] Volume 2 Double Cd-R Reissue [Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl092] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on… Read More »Willis